Thursday, November 20, 2008

Auntie Mal-Mal and Uncle Joely

The four of us drove to Indy Monday afternoon. Ben had a principal's conference there for 2 days so the boys and I took advantage of having some time away from the house. Ben's brother, Joel and his wife, Malorie live in downtown Indy. Our boys adore their Auntie Mal-Mal and Uncle Joely.

We had originally planned on having Charlie stay with us in the hotel and Sawyer stay with Joel and Mal. Charlie changed his mind once we walked into their apartment. He promptly said, "I'm going to MY room. I'm gonna sleep here with Joel." So... the boys spent both nights with their Aunt and Uncle. According to Mal and Joel the boys did ok during the night. Charlie kept kicking them in the face and Sawyer ended up sleeping with Mal on the couch one of the nights. Ben and I really appreciated the break from the boys.

While there Mal, Joel and I took the boys to the Children's Museum. They LOVED it! For those of you who haven't been before, it is well worth the trip! It is the largest children's museum in the world!

The boys and Joel were laying down on a bench to look at this beautiful ceiling of blown glass.

Here are the boys in an Indy Race car.
They enjoyed being superheros for awhile. Charlie is really into Batman. I have no clue how he even knows who he is since he hasn't ever seen the show.
I swear my boys would dig all day long if I let them. They could have stayed in this part of the museum for hours.

Sawyer's favorite part was watching the trains (Choo-Choos).
Mal has always claimed that Joel is a "Sawyer Hog". After looking at my pictures, I think she is right. :)

That night we went swimming at their apartment building. The water was freezing! Charlie thought it was funny though that he got to "push" Uncle Joel and Daddy into the pool. These pictures are of the boys "patiently" waiting for Mal and Joel. :) Look at Sawyer's little face!

The next day we went shopping and Auntie Mal-Mal bought the boys a stuffed turkey from Build-A-Bear.

We ended the trip on a high note. Charlie accidently locked himself in Joel and Mal's bedroom. So after a few minutes of us trying to coach him on how to unlock the door. Joel resorted to "doing it movie style". (This is what he actually said when Mal asked what he was doing!) He had Charlie jump up on the bed and he tried kicking the door in. Eventually he got the door open and Charlie was given a lesson on opening a lock.

We were all exhausted when we left but had a great time. We are so thankful that the boys have such wonderful God-parents. They love their Uncle Joely and Auntie Mal-Mal!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Getting a little political

I am not usually one to go and get all political but I have had some interesting conversations and thoughts this past week. I mentioned in my previous post that last week we (our household) all seemed "out of sorts" I think the election played a part in it.

I have no problems stating that I voted for McCain for this past election. With that said, I along with many others in this country had a hard day last Wednesday. I know MANY were rejoicing but there were also many that were saddened by the turn our country seems to be taking.

I have started doing devotions with the boys in the morning after we eat our breakfast. Last Wednesday's devotion topic and story were incredibly appropriate for that morning. Let me just share a little bit of what we read. Remember that this is a Bible Devotion for Preschoolers. :)

"Do you ever wake up feeling grumpy? If you start your day by praising God, it will help you to be happy. You can stretch out your arms and say, 'Thank you, God, for a wonderful new day!' After saying Thank you to God, you can't possibly be grumpy!"

"Happy are the people who know how to praise you." Psalm 89:15

Our Bible story that we then read was based on 1 Samuel 8-10. It is the story of Israel crying out for a king. God tried to warn his people about what they thought they wanted but they did not listen. Eventually God gave them Saul as their king. It worked out for a little while but then Saul started to disobey God.

If you do not know how this turns out, look it up and read it. These topics seemed so ironic to me! I know though that they weren't ironic at all. God had us read those for a very specific reason. As I was reading these things to the boys, it struck me how God is not only working in their lives through this devotion time but through mine as well. I needed to hear that although I did not want Obama as my president I need to make the choice to honor God in my day and be happy. I also need to pray for my president to make Godly decisions for our country.

Part of my choice to honor God with my daily life involves letting others know that I do not support abortion. I believe that many women (Christian and non) have been affected by abortions both physically and emotionally. Obama wants to make abortions easier for woman and young girls with the "Freedom of Choice Act". I know there are many people in our country that voted for Obama but do not support his abortion stance. I have also seen a complacency among Christians that they just "don't get involved in politics" so they don't vote. So... no matter if you voted for him or not, if you do not support abortions, let him know it!

Please visit this site and sign the petition that will help to stop him from signing the "FOCA" as his FIRST order of business as President.

Thank You!


Monday, November 10, 2008

Ho, Ho, Ho!

I have to share this funny story. I'm sure my writing won't do it justice but here it goes anyway... Try to keep up with this conversation between Ben and Charlie.

Tonight at dinner, Ben asked Charlie what kind of snack he had at Storytime today. Charlie said, "A chocolate thing". I told Ben it was a "Ho, Ho". So Charlie then precedes to go "Ho, Ho, Ho!" Ben says, "No, that is what Santa says. Three Ho's. 'Ho, Ho, Ho!' ". So Charlie then says, "Ho!" And Ben says, "No, not one Ho. Two Ho's." (Are you starting to see where this is going???) "The snack you had has two Ho's. 'Ho, Ho'. " So of course then Charlie has to come back with, "Well what is one Ho?"

We didn't answer. We just tried to cover our laughter. :)

This along with a 2 and 1/2 hour nap out of Charlie was the bright spot of the day!

peace out,

Deep thoughts...

hmmm... I know I haven't posted anything for awhile. Sorry about that to all my millions of viewers.

I honestly just haven't had anything exciting to share this past week. I normally have my camera out every day snapping shots of the boys doing something funny but this past week has been different for some reason. Well actually a couple...

First off, Charlie is in a complete "funk". Not really sure what else to call it. He has been really trying this past week. He is exerting his will with EVERYTHING! If it isn't his idea, then it is not going to get done according to him.

I actually video taped him the other day in the middle of a total temper tantrum. He was kicking, screaming, and running at me trying to hit me. I taped him for a few reasons. 1) To prove to my mom that her sweet innocent grandson who is in her eyes an angel does have the occasional evil streak in him. 2) For documentation. I wanted to have proof in 30 years when I have totally morphed into my mother (I am only about 1/2 way there) that there were a few bad days with the boys. According to my mom, my brother, sister and I were all perfect angels that never did anything wrong. and finally 3) I thought it might actually break the spell and snap him out of his tantrum. Didn't work.

I am at my wits end with him. This morning I had to haul him into the car to go to StoryTime at the library (which he LOVES) while he was kicking, screaming and trying to bite me. He said he didn't want to go. He screamed most of the way there and then once we walked into the room he was completely fine! If he had made the suggestion that we get ready for StoryTime he would have been fine.

Ben's principal told him that every day when he would walk in the door from work he would ask his wife, "So did we win the battle today?" and she would respond, "I guess we will find out in 20 years." I feel like I am doing battle every day. I know my discipline will pay off in the long run but I am an "immediate gratification" kind of person. I am the type of kid who needs the treasure box prize if they have had a good day. I may have to make my own treasure box for me to pick a prize out of. I am thinking I will stock it with gift certificates. Hmmm.... Yeah... like to Hobby Lobby, Target, Panera and DSW. Ohh.. and if I have been a good mom all month maybe I should get a big prize like a plane ticket! Don't really care where, just a plane ride by myself with no children!

I will post about our other issues later. If you have any suggestions or words of wisdom for a mom of a two year old, Let me have 'em!

peace out,
I am off to make a treasure chest.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Wild Wild West!

This year the boys swapped costumes and Charlie was the cowboy and Sawyer was the Indian. Both of the boys' costumes were my brother's from about 35+ years ago. I love them so much I made them wear them again this year. I figure they probably won't be able to fit into them by next year. I am so thankful that my mom took such good care of them.

This is how I managed to get them into their outfits each day. Thank goodness for Sesame Street! Trying to put "war-paint" on Sawyer is not an easy task! :)

Charlie loved wearing his chaps and hat. My sister got Charlie this real cowboy hat at the Stockyards in Fort Worth a few years ago. He loves wearing it. The boots were mine from when I was about 2 years old. We practiced saying, "Howdy Partner" and "Howdy Ma'am".

Sawyer looked adorable in his Indian outfit. The bells added a nice touch. It was great for when I couldn't find him. I just listened for the bells. :) He kept ripping the headband and feathers out but I managed to get a few pics with them in.

We had a busy week of Halloween activities. On Monday we went to Storytime. Tuesday we went to Ben's school and handed out candy to the teachers and Charlie got his haircut in cosmetology.

On Thursday I took them to Grace's Fun Fest with the Brickers and Nguyens. It was pretty crazy! Tons of people! The boys got to take pony rides. Sawyer LOVED it!

On Friday we went to a party with some other moms from our MOPS group.

Overall it was a blast! I loved dressing them up and showing them off. I think they make the cutest Cowboy and Indian ever. :)