Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sledding in a Winter Wonderland

Papa Hughie got the Farmall all revved up to drag some little boys (ok me too) around the yard.
It was a blast!!!!!!

Here's Brooksie and Nana watching from the window.
Notice his shirt, "all mommy wants for Christmas is a silent night." :)

"Crazy man" (Uncle Joel)

My crazy man- Sawyer

Yea! Get him!

"Crazy man" trying to give Jace a pep talk.
And they are off!

Check out those smiles! (and Jace's look of shear terror)

One of my favorite pictures...

Pretty, pretty snow! All 10+ inches of it!

Hey look, it's "Crazy Man" making a snow angel!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My Favorite Christmas Song

I love the words in this song.
Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 20, 2010


The boys got a few Christmas presents yesterday. Their new "Chuck Taylors" were a huge hit! I had two pairs when I was in middle school and I am wishing I still had mine! I may have to splurge and buy myself a pair of low top yellow ones. 

Here's Jace, Sawyer and Charlie showing off their new kicks.
Thanks Uncle Greg, Aunt Amy and Cousins Jace and Will. The boys love them!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

For the LOVE of Sprinkles!

Finally a post from me! I needed to take a little time off from the blogging world. For those of you who were wondering I did get to finally attend the homebirth. The poor gal went 8 days overdue so I felt like I hadn't stopped staring at my phone/computer waiting for word to jump in the car. So... my eyes needed a break.
But you don't have to wait any longer... here are a few pictures from me passing on my love of sprinkles to my boys!

Confession: store bought cookie dough from Aldis

Oh, I'm so proud. Look at all those sprinkles.

Charlie showing off his masterpiece

My entire kitchen was covered in sprinkles!

Would you like a cookie with your sprinkles?

Decisions, decisions. Which one to eat first?

That's my boy! Spoon on the sprinkles!!!!

Finished products. They got to do more cookies with Nana a few days later. I think they are officially sprinkle addicts also.

And my attempt to get a picture of all three. (The impossible task.) Notice how they picked out their own clothes, no one is matching and no one is really looking at the camera.

As good as it gets. Pretty cute if I do say so myself.