Saturday, July 31, 2010

LPHS '98 get together

For the last two summers we have gotten together with our friends the Tucek's and the Ballard's. We thought last year was crazy with 7 kiddos under the age of FOUR! This year there was 9 kids and one more on the way!!!!

We had a great time swimming all afternoon, guys playing cornhole, mama's nursing their babies, and catching up on life in general.

Oh yea, Brooks got his 20 minute nap in for the day. (Knock on wood... he has been taking at least 1- 2 hour nap a day and sometimes another 1 hour one! Thank you God!)

This is my favorite picture of the day. Can you tell we are so excited about Baby Boy Ballard (#4)!!!! I love these girls. They crack me up!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Great LaPorte County Fair

We enjoyed some time at the fair this past week. Our yearly picture on the big rocking chair...
Getting milk with Cousin Gray
Pioneer Papa and a few of the grandkids

Warshing clothes at Pioneer land.

Charlie's an expert at ironing. 

Sawyer attempted it also.

And because we are parents/suckers now we played the mouse game. Charlie and Gray both won big annoying stuffed animals that unfortunately made their way to our house. We were hoping to loose them while at the fair. Yea, we really are bad parents. 

"And let her go please..." (A little mouse game humor for ya.)

Maaaa.... Don't ask me why but I like the goats. 

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


A few quick snap shots of Oliver. For the really good shots you will have to visit my photo blog in another day or so. I have 500 pictures to go through right now! Wow. That is a lot of pictures!
Part of the happy crew! As always Goshen Birth Center rocked it out! Before I left last night- 10pm I was jumping around the kitchen acting like I was punching (doing the Rocky moves) and yelling, "I'm going back to the birth center!!!!" Ben started jumping around and yellling, "And your not pregnant!!!!!" It was hilarious!
So proud of you Stephanie! Thanks again for letting me be a part of this.
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Adrenaline Rush

Just got home 4 hours ago from attending my "first" birth (besides my own three boys obviously). I hadn't slept in 23 1/2 hours but had the biggest adrenaline rush. I loved it!
Everything went wonderful for my friend Stephenie. I am so proud of her and happy for her adorable family of four. She did GREAT!
The time at GBC was a whirlwind. It included me calling a midwife on another midwife's cell phone out in the parking lot to tell her to hurry up, me videotaping, taking pictures and writing down the times when the baby started crowning, turning and then birth ALL at the same time! Probably pretty funny to see. Oliver was born only 39 minutes after they got there. Crazy!
ok, so really random post. Just wanted to let everyone know that I will be running on pure adrenaline today (along with 3 hours sleep and a lot of coffee) time to get ready for another photo shoot.
peace out,
ps. I have 320 pictures of this fabulous birth to look at later. Can't wait to show a few.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

My Best Friend

I made myself do a "mini" photoshoot with my best friend Sawyer this afternoon. I have three others scheduled this week for paying customers. It has gotten easy for me to forget to take pictures of my own kiddos.

How old are you again? Oh yea, THREE!!!!
This was a conversation I had with Sawyer last week...
"Mom, I have hair growing on me!"
Me, "Oh good." Wasn't really sure what kind of response to give that.
Sawyer, "Do you hope you have hair on your chest someday?"
Me, "NO!!!!"
Sawyer is 150% all BOY. He obviously aspires to have chest hair someday and loves anything physical and anything that moves. He is also the most tender hearted little boy you will ever meet. Except when he is pounding on you.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Happy Birthday/Fourth of July Part 1

This year we decided to do our first "kid" party. Sawyer wanted to invite his friends over for a little playdate and then open presents from his family after the parade. So... that is what we did. 
I am usually a cupcake fanatic and I love making them look really pretty. I relented and let Sawyer do all the sprinkles this year. He picked out the icing color and all the sprinkles. They were delicious!
A surprise guest made an appearance at the party. I am sorry to say that he probably wasn't feeling the best after the party. Poor toad. Didn't stand much of a chance with 10 preschoolers running around. 
By the way... I am in love with this photograph!
Painting time! I let the kids go wild on a sheet.

Now time for "Frozen T-Shirt" contest. Brady was the winner!

Hoola Hoop toss game. Charlie get your hands off your butt cheeks!
Slip n' slide action! (Thanks Uncle Troy and Aunt Megan for the b-day gift!)
Hotdogs, cupcakes and snowcones for lunch. What a healthy treat! NOT!

Singing to our birthday boy. He was so sweet. He kept chuckling to himself and just looking at his cupcake.
Sawyer and his friends saying "Happy Fourth of July!"

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday Sawyer!

Our firecracker is turning 3 tomorrow!
Here's to our little "junk yard dog" and mama's best friend.
We love you Sawyer!

Happy Fourth of July to everyone!!!!!