Monday, June 27, 2011

Blog Vacation is over!

Let's sum up the last few weeks with some pictures shall we?

guess what? the punks got a pony! Well, their grandparents got a pony.

Meet Honey! Isn't she cute?

I got to attend a waterbirth and then got kicked out of a c-section. This is my sweet friend Leanne and her baby girl, Madeline. She and Matt have three boys and now a baby girl. So happy for them!

Mama got a new toy! a new camera and lens to be exact. :) 

I have attended 3 weddings in the last two weeks. Second shot one, assisted at one and crashed another for a few hours.

Here is sweet Anna. I watched her mama catch her in the water. Beyond awesome. :) Read her birth story on their blog. You can see it on the right hand side "its the little things"

Ok, I promise to keep up a little better for the rest of the summer. 
Good to be back. :)