Wednesday, June 30, 2010

You Betcha!

Last week we took our annual trip to Iowa to see our wonderful friends the Grady family. It was so great to see them and our SIX kids had a blast together. We went to Grace College with Matt and Athena and we gave Charlie the middle name of Grady after their family.

We escaped the craziness of the kiddos for one night and went to a Japaneese Steak House. So good!!!!!

Brooksie trying out some of the dress up clothes. 
After Iowa we decided, What the hay let's drive another 8 hours and head up to good ole' Rhinelander, Wisconsin. Yahh... You Betcha'! Ben's college roommate Ryan is a native Hodag (mascot for Rhinelander). His family is the best. So sweet.
Here is Sawyer cuddling with his new buddy Brody.

Charlie being brave and holding one of the chickens.

Sawyer showing off his balancing skills. 

Brody and Brooks having fun on the swings. 

Sawyer looking oh so sweet and innocent for 10 seconds. 

Having fun at a secluded beach. This setting was perfect! I loved it! Two loons were on the lake calling to each other. The trees were beautiful. Kind of reminded me of Forks, Wa.  :) (ps. going to the movies tomorrow!!!! ahhh!!!!) 

The boys "catching" their first fish. 

Good job Sawyer!

Brooks was incredibly naughty on our trip. He slept terrible. Here he is barely awake and mommy gave up and stuck him in the sling with the hopes of sleeping.  

What cute little tushies...

Sweet little Brody posing for me.

You Betcha we had a great time on our little jaunt across the midwest!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Yoga with Brooks

Brooks is working on his flexibility and core strength.
Check out his yoga moves.

Step one: assume the position

Step two: check to make sure mom hasn't moved more than five feet away from me.

Step three: Swim!!!!
Step four: Smile because mommy hasn't left.

Step five: Plank pose!

a little higher...

And all the way up on his fingers and toes. So funny!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

there's more than corn in indiana

I couldn't resist...

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Swagger Wagon Family

It's sad that I know all of the words to this hilarious video. (Along with my boys!)

Here are a few pictures of our new "swagger" license plate and me trying to be like the "hot babysitter/mom" in the video.
swagger wagon mom

This one goes out to all you mini-van families out there.
Where my mother-fathers at?
Where my kids at?

There right there, see?
Oh. Cool beans.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

One Fish, Two Fish

Red fish, blue fish.
Charlie and Sawyer started swimming lessons this week. I can't wait to see how much they improve by the end of the 2 weeks. They LOVE swimming and it is by far my favorite thing to do with them. We love the water! Hint. Hint ben!!! (translation- Please get us a pool!!!!) :)

Here is Brooks' first time swimming.
Charlie showing off his dives.
and a random picture of the boys. I was making dinner and I looked out the window to see them both sitting in their "deer stand." They were yelling at pretend deer out in the cornfield. It sounded something to the effect of, "Get out of here! Get out of here you deer otherwise I am going to shoot you!" Oh and if you can't tell they are both naked. They both prefer to run around and play naked in the backyard. Especially Sawyer! I was calling him the "Naked Gardner" last week while he was helping me with our flowers.
Hope you are all having a blessed week.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Brotherly love

I know I have said it before but I can't get over how much Charlie and Sawyer adore their baby brother. They love making him laugh/smile and he just can't get enough of them. He kicks his feet and gets so excited to see them. 
Here they are laughing over Brooks falling asleep in his highchair.
Sawyer trying to help him learning to walk. :)

Here are a few other random photos from the last few weeks.
Charlie finished up his year of preschool. Cheeseball as always!
The boys using their facepaints. Charlie wanted to be "Super Why" and Sawyer wanted to be a blue tiger.

Making collages out of their animal magazines. I'm so glad that my boys are starting to enjoy crafts!!!

The boys and their cousin, Jace glued to the tv at Nana and Papa Hughie's house.

Brooks taking a ride. I could just eat him up he is so cute! Can you tell I am madly in love with my baby boy!?!?! :)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Mirror, Mirror...

...on the wall. Which brother is the orneriest of all???? 
(I'm thinking the other two are going to corrupt sweet Brooks and he will eventually turn on me.) 
Brooks discovered himself in the mirror last week. 

Wow, mom isn't kidding. I really am very cute!

Hi Mommy!

I am a terrible mom and gave in and let Brooks have a Popsicle the other day. He is in the stage where he grabs anything and everything in sight and tries to put it in his mouth. He still isn't crazy about baby food but he wants to try everything. As you can see from the picture he isn't sure about the lime flavor.

He changed his mind. He loves it!

It's funny how by the time you have three kids you let the youngest one do so many more things than you did with the first two. Charlie didn't have a grain of sugar until his first birthday (at least that I know of!). Brooks on the other hand obviously is spoiled to no end and gets whatever his little heart desires.
Ohh.. speaking of the little darling is awake and wants his mommy.
ta ta,

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Dear Husband,

Darling, Sorry about the messy house, lack of dinner and piles of laundry. I was busy playing with my new toy - Photoshop!!!!!!
Here are my first attempts. Thanks so much to Darcy Holsopple Photography for teaching me the PS5 ropes. Can't wait to use all the techniques I am learning on my future photoshoots.