Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New Tonagel babies

I am obviously way behind on blogging but in case you haven't heard yet the Tonagel family welcomed two new little ones 2 weeks ago. You can see their photos on my photography website at http://www.atonagelphotography.com/.
Congrats to Troy and Megan on the birth of Graham Matthew and Greg, Amy, Jace and Will on the addition of sister Allie Claire.
My boys love having more cousins!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Punk 1 ate his cracker jacks during the game...

this meltdown is brought to you by Punk 2. He claims he is upset b/c his older brother ate his cracker jacks during his soccer game. In reality he is crying hysterically b/c his team lost and he was the only one to score any goals.
Competitive? uhh... yea. just slightly.
Oh and in other news... who would have ever guessed Cabana Boy would have to coach soccer one day? Soccer!?!?!?!?! His coaching career is off to a rocky start. :)

peace out. 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Future Farmer Photoshoot

Punk 1 stylized this photoshoot. Shocker. I know. :)

I made this sign to sit out by our driveway when the boys are playing. I wanted to get one of those hideous "kids at play" safety signs just to remind the farmers that the boys are there. But they are so hideous. So... I made an equally obnoxious one but at least a little more personal. :) 

Punk #1 asked for this photo on their 4 wheeler in front of their tree fort. He said they needed to have a serious face because that is what country boys do. I think we may let them listen to too much Luke Bryan. 

I love watching Punk 3 on his 4-wheeler. It cracks me up b/c he can barely reach the pedal. See how short his little legs are? 

Daddy's home!!!!! Everyone goes running the minute we see his truck coming down the road. 

Enjoy this crazy spring weather!