Saturday, March 26, 2011

Citizens of Nappanee

No need to fear any longer. We are here to protect your town. Mom gave us these suckers as bribery and we vowed to stand and look cute until they were gone. So... basically that gives you about 30 seconds of safety. Use it wisely. 

Poor Antique goers. They had no clue that Punk 2 was watching their every move.
I wouldn't want to meet him in a dark alley.

I took about a million of these photos of the boys. I may post a bunch later but wanted to share these few quickly.
Sleep well all. I am safe in my house with these superheros to protect me.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Birthday Boy/Ladies Man

I got to visit Punk's Preschool class on his birthday. I took a few :) photos while there. His teacher referred to this as "Charlie's Harem" Apparently Charlie and these two little cuties don't leave each other's side all morning. Neither one looks thrilled at the moment but aren't they cute?

They played Batman and Batgirls together.
Two nights ago at bedtime we were getting ready to say prayers. The Punk pulled a blank slip of paper out of his prayer jar. He explained to me that means you get to pray for whoever you want tonight. So he said, "Thank  you God for my good friend Lilly. Thank you also that I don't have to search for a wife anymore." I about lost it. It was all I could do to contain my laughter. He was so serious! I can't believe what comes out of his mouth some days.
Earlier today he said he wanted to sing me a song. I sat down, he got out his guitar and he proceeded to sing, "We can go to the tropics. Sip pina coladas. Shorty I can take you there." The 2nd Punk chimed in with, "Where the grass is green and the girls are pretty."   Lord please forgive us for teaching our boys classic 80's rock. We can't help it!
Happy Birthday to my little pirate!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

President's/Principal's Day

For some reason Punk 1 was all hyped up on President's Day a few weeks ago. School had been cancelled for Cabana Boy (but he still went to work) and Punk 1 kept insisting that we get him some presents and make a special meal for him. I wasn't following any of his logic but it kept the boys busy all morning. They kept gathering random things from the house and wrapping them up. (translation: making a huge mess with wrapping paper and using every inch of it and scotch tape that I had!)

When Cabana Boy, I mean President Tonagel???? got home this is what he was met with...

So I'm guessing the Punk had Principal and President confused. I won't tell him otherwise. After this year, I think Principal's should have a national holiday. :)
Oh and this picture is for Troy and Megan. Cabana Boy LOVES this shirt and wants to wear it EVERYWHERE. I have tried to gently tell him that he is not a government official and just looks like a dork while wearing it. He said, "Nonsense. Everyone kept staring at me at school today. I think they liked it." 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Catching Up

So I once again find myself way behind on my blogging but here is at least a quick peak at Charlie's Pirate Party thank you care I made. Picasa Collages are the best thing since sliced bread. Love them for this kind of stuff!
I will eventually update the blog with some pics from his party and happenings around here. We have been busy with school, attending another birth all night (me not Cabana boy) and house hunting (none that has been successful).
For now, you are going to have to just settle for this little teaser. Oh and I will share one photo from the birth. :) If you haven't found my photo page on facebook or my blog, check the right hand side of this blog for the links.
peace, a
or should i say, "peace on earth, begins with birth" :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

You would think I was Amish

If you saw my cart in Aldi grocery store you would probably think I drove a horse and buggy that morning but alas no.
Is this the most ridiculous amount of chili ingredients you have ever seen???? 

The punks and I (one pirate in attendance) made 9 batches of chili on Thursday. We have been stuck at home for way too long and were starting to go stir crazy. I enlisted their help and we whipped up all of this in a matter of about 2 hours. I am doing a meal trade with my MOPS group so hopefully all this hard work will pay off. (don't worry the puffy paint did not go into the chili. made shirts with that before the chili and never got the table cleared off.)
Here's the end result. Man that is a lot of chili. (notice all the squash on the next shelf!) hah!!!!! Poor Cabana Boy. All I feed him is chili and squash.

Oh and here is our supervisor.

I'm off to go fill the gas lanterns and throw an extra blanket on the beds. Don't tease I really am going to do that. I may not be Amish but i do live in an old, cold house in the middle of Indiana Amish Country.
Night all,