Saturday, January 21, 2012

Week 3 of 365

Trying out some frames that i bought. i know it doesn't really go with this photo but I was just playing around. :) The punks are really into wrestling right now. Here they are showing off their wrestling outfits and the trophies they "won". My job was to keep track of their moves. I know NOTHING about wrestling so I wrote down things like, "armpit move", "stinky breath move", "sit on your brother's face move" and my personal favorite, "moves like Jagger". :) 
Punk 1 and his spaceship command center. He was planning to blow up some evil doer.

I have been freezing all week. I just can't seem to get warm. These haven't come off my feet for a few days.

Oh happy day! My first canvas! love!!!!

Pretty but oh so cold...

Playing "The Dukes" with my punks. Boss Hogg crashed into Roscoe and the Duke boys and Daisy won the chase. :)

I MISS SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I will admit that we had a lot of fun this morning taking the punks sledding. But my heart will always belong to hot summer days spent in a pool. :)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Week 2 of my 365 Project

My week in photos... 

Got myself a little something, something today. :) Oh and it is not a coffee mug! Happy January 9th to me! Also got to hang out with a fun friend for the day and watch my boys try to pick up money from a drained fountain in the mall while I wasn't paying attention. Gotta love boys. Especially ones who aren't used to being in a mall! geez.... Oh and here's a tip. Don't try to take 3 little boys into Victoria Secret. It won't go well. 
Baby Punk started speech therapy today. Once a week until he is three. He loves having a "teacher" for himself just like brothers.

Punk #2 wants to be a babysitter when he grows up. :) Really! That is what he wants to be! He loves babies!

Making out with my boyfriend.

Real 12:365
Baby Punk looking at the snow falling.

My punks driving away with their Nana for the night. Can I get a "HOLLA"!!!! I had 30 fabulous hours to myself in my own home. I got an insane amount of stuff done. Thanks Nana and Papa!

We had a self portrait challenge this week in photography group I am a part of. I originally said I was boycotting it and didn't want to do it. Well... I caved. I promised myself I would only spend 5 minutes trying it and I didn't want to freak myself out about it. So... I stood out in the freezing cold and snapped away. This is the only one that I didn't look completely bug eyed and scary. There. I completed it. :)

Friday, January 13, 2012

Homemade Decorations

I thought I posted this a long time ago. Oops. Oh well here it is now....

I'm a sucker for homemade holiday decorations. Especially Christmas. The boys and I made this cute little chandelier. When I say we, I mean I cut out the gingerbread boys, Punk 1 scribbled on them for about 2 minutes and called them ninjas and I yelled at them all while they strung fishing line all over the place and kept climbing on the kitchen table while trying to "help me". :)
i thought it turned out pretty cute.

and all four of the boys making buckeyes together. My job was to dunk them. :)

Hope you all had a great Christmas!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Week 1

Punk 1 in a 50's style Diner. 

The closest I will ever get to this lens. Yes, it is my new coffee mug. :) Thanks Cabana Boy!

Cabana Boy's rebellion.

Completely a ridiculous newborn picture but the story is cute. The newborn is the baby of our long time babysitter. Punk 1 made this paper crown for the baby to wear for his photos. I had to take at least one with it. :)

Sunrise from my front porch. I swear I live in one of the prettiest parts of the Midwest!

Farm fresh eggs thanks to the Richards Family! The eggs are such beautiful colors! The box is adorable as well. I made the family sausage, egg and cheese biscuits for breakfast out of these.

Second shooting with my wonderful friend Joanne. I have learned so much from her and I am so grateful to her for all that she has taught me. Plus we just have a lot of fun together! I snapped this of her as she was jumping in her car yesterday. So cute!

One week down. 51 to go. ;)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

365 Project

Well today is January 1st, 2012. I am ready to commit to my first 365 Project. I am planning to take at least 1 photo a day for the next year. Ideally they are to show some creativity and help me with my photography skills. Realistically, some days may be just a quick shot with my Point and Shoot camera. I would love to include my boys/family as much as I can in these. Here's to a fun resolution for 2012!

We went to the Purdue/Illinois game last night as a family for part of Ben's Christmas present. On the way home today we stopped for burgers at a 50's restaurant. Thought Charlie's "chucks" fit right in with the setting. :)

For all you techy brains out there. Not sure there are any that read my silly blog but in case:
1600 ISO, f2.2 and 1/400 SS on a MKII, 50mm