Friday, March 15, 2013


As much as I kind of want to just let this blog fall off the face of the earth b/c it just feels like one more thing for me to do right now I also feel a little guilty.
For anyone who still checks this thing if you haven't heard we are adding to our family once again. FOR THE FINAL TIME!!!! I swear it this time. oy.

We are due with Baby #4 mid August. (Along with our cousins Matt and Courtney!!!! So fun!)
Terrible timing with school starting for Cabana Boy and Punks 1 and 2. Both of them will be in full day school next year. :(
I will stay plenty busy though now with #3 and #4 at home with me.

For anyone who cares (probably only my mother in law and sister in laws) here is my massive #4 belly at 14 weeks and 17 weeks.

Sorry. i am too lazy to turn this one around. :)

Also, here is the video when we told the boys we were adding to the family. This was back in December. Pretty funny if I do say so myself.

Click here to view the video.

Have a great weekend everyone. I am busy working my tail off until mid July. Then it is all me and the pool from that point forward until the little decides to arrive.

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Kathy Tonagel said...

thank you for posting your belly. Yes I am always interested in a pregnant belly!! With #4 coming, you MUST keep this blog going.