Monday, June 4, 2012

The times are a changin'

It seems like things are starting to change a lot around here. The punks are growing up so fast. It feels like every day lately some big milestone has been reached.

-Punk 1 is officially heading off to full day Kindergarten in the fall. Who would have ever thought I would see a day where I didn't have three little boys underfoot all day long!?!?!?

-We took apart the nursery that has been pretty much exactly the same for almost 7 years. This was a tough one for me. I cried a lot but Punk 2 was so sweet. He said, "Don't be sad Mom. You are getting new carpet!" :)

- The boys all got new "basketball" shoes this weekend. They are so funny about it. They LOVE showing off their new shoes and seeing how fast they can go in them.
-As of Saturday we no longer have a crib in the house. Major sad one for this mama who LOVES babies. Punk 3 got a toddler bed and I do have to admit that he looks adorable and so proud of himself sitting in it but I do miss that crib still.

I still need to do some major decorating in his room but it does look cute as a "big boy" room. :) 

- Punk 1 and 2 left about an hour ago to head to IWU Wildcat Basketball camp for three days with their cousin. I can't believe they are old enough to do that kind of thing!!!!!

-Punk 3 and I are left here running errands for the day and then his cousin is coming to stay for two days. He is beyond excited!

- One thing hasn't changed. They still love farming. I am thankful for that. :)

Where has the time gone?

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Team Tonagel said...

The boys have been very adamant about NOT wearing their new shoes outdoors. I swear the men in my house like shoes more than me!